Custom Engineering

Need help with something ‘outside the box’?


Custom tailored to fit your unique business needs… 

The future of IT is rapidly changing.  Gone are the days of maintaining data centers, buying hardware, and worrying about the bits and bytes of your company infrastructure.  Daily activities are focused on supporting business initiatives, growth strategies and more that all involve cloud based solutions.  Understanding the types of clouds available, and which one fits which business initiative is critical to getting the best value for your money.

At WatServ, our custom engineering services are designed to work with you to get the most from your investment in cloud based technology.  Whether you are interested in the Microsoft Azure public cloud, private cloud, or Office 365, you will likely end up with a hybrid cloud deployment that is customized to suit your business best.  WatServ will help you evaluate the different workloads running today, and help you design a custom cloud to support your business with a plan for the future.

Rest assured that working with WatServ doesn’t stop when your migration is complete.  Getting into the cloud is the easy part – maintaining and operating your cloud infrastructure while optimizing costs is a challenge most internal IT organizations do not have today.  Most internal IT teams are already busy and don’t have the time, skill set, or the resources to support their business in a rapidly changing, 24x7 business environment.

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