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When the next cyber threat comes, will you have the right support?

WatServ’s Managed Services for Private Cloud will provide you with the peace of mind that your cloud environment is operating optimally, and is secure from malicious attacks, so you can keep focused on your business priorities.

WatServ’s Fully-managed Services for Private Cloud

Advanced ADD-ONS

Our advanced add-ons provide additional security monitoring, optimization, and availability services to mitigate attacks and prevent downtime.

Server Disaster Recovery

We implement a customized server disaster recovery plan utilizing best practices and leading industry technology.

High-availability Configuration Management

We actively review your environment to ensure all components are highly available and implement new technology feature-sets as they become available.

Solution Architect

We will provide you a Solutions Architect that will provide their guidance and cloud expertise to ensure your environment is operating optimally from all points of view.

Cost Optimization

We regularly review your private-cloud environment to ensure that your deployed infrastructure is most cost effective; including performance analysis, technology advancements, and right-sizing the cloud to reduce overall costs.

Automated Infrastructure Management

We implement logic to ensure systems are available when you need them. Whether it is autoscalling to meet peek times or shutting down services during off hours.

DBA Performance Analysis

A database administrators will review your system metrics and alerts to ensure the SQL environment is optimized for performance and security.

Infrastructure Performance Analysis

We monitor infrastructure performance and provide recommendations to avoid bottlenecks as well as provide reports to support analysis.

Web Application Firewall Monitoring

We monitor every connection attempt and manage malicious attacks from accessing your private-cloud environment.

DDoS Protection

We monitor for Distributed Denial of Service attacks and work with our security partners to mitigate and prevent downtime.

Security & Identity Optimization Reviews

We regularly review administrator access to ensure that the security architecture is appropriate for your private-cloud environment.

Security & Event Log Management

We manage alerts based on predefined security events, these can range from repeated failed account login attempts to an account addition that violates predefined security policies.

External Vulnerability Scanning

We run vulnerability scans against internet facing deployments, these scans will detect vulnerabilities that can be remediated through configuration changes or application patching.


Leverage the expertise of trusted hosting experts to move your business forward.

When your mission-critical solution is managed by WatServ, a highly-skilled support team is assigned to your account.

Scalable, Flexible, Cost-effective Managed Private Cloud Services

Managing your private-cloud environment is a 24x7 effort. Meet your business challenges head-on with guidance and managed support from a trusted hosting partner by your side.

IaaS & PaaS Management

We’ll ensure that servers and cloud platform services are operational and resolve any issues at the operating system level.

Essential Security Management

Network security, firewalls, and anti-virus protection; our private-cloud experts will secure your environment against attacks.


We monitor, and optimize your private-cloud environment and manage backup activities to ensure data protection and integrity.

Identity & Change management

We’ll create, modify and delete users, and monitor the on-premise and cloud active directory synchronization.


Advisory Services

Wondering how to move your business safely to the cloud?


Professional Services

Searching for an IT team to execute your cloud strategy?

Get expert knowledge to advise and support your cloud solutions.

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Interested in learning more about our services?

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