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Secure Workspace

Discover how you can maximize your Microsoft technology to enhance employee productivity, collaboration and security.

Secure Workspace Assessment is a simple yet powerful way for SMBs to:

Cloud Migration Planning with WatServ

Gain insight about their current cloud-based productivity technology

Cloud Migration Planning with WatServ

See where gaps in security, collaboration and infrastructure lie

Cloud Migration Planning with WatServ

Maximize their existing Microsoft investment and eliminate unnecessary costs

Cloud Migration Planning with WatServ

Develop a path forward, including a customized roadmap and financial analysis

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How It Works


Days 1 & 2

Our team performs a deep dive assessment to understand your remote work technology and look for hidden opportunities


Day 3

Receive a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations, plus a 1-hour debrief meeting with our team


Days 4 & 5

Working together, devise a roadmap and financial analysis to help you succeed

What’s Covered

Secure Workspace Assessment provides insight on three critical areas.

Secure Workspace Solution with WatServ


Address cyber security threats requiring immediate action and get recommendations on consolidating security functions to reduce costs and risks.

Secure Remote Workspace with WatServ


Chart a course to improve virtual collaboration, remove deployment impediments and maximize the value of your existing Microsoft investments.

Secure Work Assessment Solutions with WatServ


Check that your underlying infrastructure is optimized to provide the best possible remote work experience for employees.

Who It’s For

The assessment is designed for SMBs that currently use Microsoft technologies and that want to:

  • Uncover new opportunities for their staff to collaborate safely and seamlessly whether they work from the office, home or remotely
  • Support a distributed workforce with modern, secure and stable productivity technology
  • Develop a roadmap and financial analysis to detail the steps to cloud adoption
  • Reduce unnecessary costs, obstacles and risks related to remote work technology

WatServ is trusted by leading SMBs

Stop taking guesses and start improving remote work today

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