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Protect Your Business Beginning with a

Secure Workspace Assessment

Secure remote work is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. Now is the time to take action, starting with an assessment.

Are Your Employees Working Securely, Wherever They're Located?

Our 5-Day Assessment will help you:

Uncover opportunities to collaborate safely and seamlessly while reducing unnecessary costs and obstacles

Provide a stable and secure solution for distributed workplace collaboration

Equip your team with a secure and stable work experience, wherever they are

Develop a roadmap and financial analysis to detail the steps to cloud adoption

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Our Approach

What will be covered in your assessment...


Address threats requiring immediate action and get recommendations to consolidate security functions, reducing costs and risks to your business.


Quickly plot a path to achieve seamless collaboration, remove deployment impediments and enable your team to realize the value of your existing Microsoft investments.


Ensure your underlying infrastructure is able and ready to provide the most seamless remote work experience for your employees.

Client Experience

We act with perseverance, focus and grit when it comes to solving problems and delivering results.

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How it Works

Our Secure Workspace Assessment is purpose-built to optimize your path towards remote collaboration, with a focus on security and standardization to make the most of your Microsoft investments. Benefit from dependable insights to make better technology decisions. 

At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive report containing information and concrete recommendations on how to collaborate, secure, standardize and optimize your remote work environment. It’s fast, valuable and cost-effective, and you’ll come away with a path forward.

Day 1

Assessment begins, starting with data collection

Day 2

Assessment is completed and a debrief meeting is scheduled

Day 3

Debrief meeting is held to discuss assessment findings

Day 4

Execution planning occurs

Day 5

Proof of concept/rollout begins

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