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Secure Workspace

Provide your employees with a secure and reliable work experience, wherever they are.

Today’s IT environment is a challenge. You need to help employees stay connected and productive in a distributed world, while keeping your business safe from cyberthreats and data loss.


Create a safe, reliable and flexible virtual workspace for your employees – whether they work remotely, in the office or both. WatServ’s Secure Workspace Solutions provide what you need to:

  • Give employees access to critical Line of Business (LOB), SaaS and on-premise apps;
  • Safeguard their personal and company-owned mobile devices, apps and PCs; and
  • Protect them from phishing attempts, ransomware and data loss.

Whether you need solutions for collaboration, identity access and management, endpoint security or virtual desktop apps, WatServ can help.

Business Drivers

The cloud is ubiquitous

90% of companies are on the cloud

Updates are continuous

1-4x per month is a typical update cycle

BYOD is common

95% of organizations allow personal devices

There is growing device, OS and app diversity

60% of employees use mobile apps for work-related activities

Cybersecurity is a concern

70M smartphones are lost each year

Device management failures are costly

$3.92M is the global average cost of a data breach

Get the Right Solution for Your Company

Foster productivity, security and simplicity.

Secure Workspace



Enable a fully functional and managed Microsoft 365 environment while maintaining a robust security posture. Achieve a foundation for the cloud journey, benefit from Microsoft’s integrated services, and increase productivity and cost savings.

What's Included

Secure Workspace



Take your M365 environment to the next level with secured and managed endpoints – from initial deployment to end of life. Centrally control and deploy Line of Business (LOB), SaaS and Microsoft apps and Windows updates, while seamlessly managing security policies.

What's Included


Secure Workspace



A complete suite that enables you to add desktop and app virtualization services, which run in the cloud. Safely implement a bring your own device (BYOD) policy and enable users to securely and reliably access the environment from anywhere and from any device.

What's Included


Get Started with an Assessment

Leveraging Block64’s unique technology, our 5-day Assessment is an ideal starting point for establishing or enhancing your secure workspace environment. It also helps you get more from your Microsoft technologies.

Our Approach

WatServ’s approach follows the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

Define Strategy

Evaluate existing capabilities and identify high-value objectives.


Create a service blueprint considering current and future needs.


Deploy foundation to enable and prepare the environment.


Enable and adopt your enterprise-level secure workspace solution.

Govern & Manage

Receive ongoing advanced security, support and managed services.

WatServ Secure Workspace

Secure Workspace in a Day

Looking for a solution to get the basics up and running quickly? Check out WatServ’s Secure Workspace in a Day.

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