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Client Success

At WatServ, success is about confidently achieving your business goals, while having a great experience doing so.

Delivering business value and great experiences is in our DNA.

For more than 15 years, our team has been perfecting our client success delivery model. Today, it combines our passion, skills and experience to deliver quantifiable business value and a superior experience.

WatServ business value and great experiences

Client Satisfaction Rating of 95%
Net Promoter Score of 69

A primary way we measure results is by tracking our Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer satisfaction benchmark that tells us how likely our clients are to refer us to their colleagues or acquaintances. In 2022, our overall NPS was 69 (up 4% from 2021), which is significantly higher than the general industry average of 39. Additionally, our overall satisfaction score came in at 95%.

Results from 2022:

  • WatServ achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 69
  • 95% of our clients say they are satisfied with overall WatServ services
  • 95% of our clients say they are satisfied with the reliability of our services & solutions
  • Over 90% of our clients believe they will achieve their goals with WatServ services in the next 12 months
  • Majority of our clients say they will likely purchase our services and solutions in the future
  • Three quarters of our clients say they are satisfied with the value for money from WatServ services
Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop: WVD Advanced Specialization | WatServ

Commitments to Our Clients

  • Align our goals to your business strategy 
  • Be your first call as your trusted advisor
  • Act as the voice of customer advocating for your needs
  • Meet the pace of your business and requirements
  • Drive continuous value providing cloud and infrastructure recommendations
  • Tune into your sentiment to inform and improve our products and services
WatServ Client Commitment

Our Process

What to Expect from Your Experience

Setup For Success

Setup For Success

  • Onboarding to our services and support model
  • Build collaborative Success plan
  • Create an engagement schedule
Achieve Success

Achieve Success

  • Support usage and adoption

  • Assess against KPIs

  • Review client satisfaction and ensure value-add

Reduce Risks To Success

Reduce Risks To Success

  • Resolve issues promptly

  • Address roadblocks

  • Proactively plan for and mitigate risks

Enable Ongoing Success

Enable Ongoing Success

  • Renew, Change, and Add

  • Participate in business planning

  • Get ahead of trends and provide thought leadership

What This Looks Like in Practice





Metrics &

Voice of




What Our Clients Have to Say

Serving SMEs across North America

At Bartell Drugs, we are going through a large digital transformation, and I’m proud to say that WatServ is helping contribute to our success. From our first engagement with WatServ back in 2015, we’ve seen them as our technology partner, rather than simply our vendor, because they consistently provide solutions that are tailored to our business and recommendations that lead to efficiencies and cost savings. We continue to partner closely with WatServ because they’re great to work with. They offer value-added advice and facilitate collaboration with other partners like Microsoft and third-party vendors for which we are grateful.
Kari Escobedo
Former SVP of IT, Bartell Drugs
Going into this project, we knew there’d be lots of learning and change involved since we’d never used Azure before. WatServ worked with us to gather details and understand our needs, and then designed an ideal cloud infrastructure that’s tailor-made and customized for our business goals. Along the way, they provided superior support and even identified some additional backend jobs that were good candidates for serverless. With WatServ, the solutions were easy to implement, cost-effective and scalable.
Raed Alahmad
Development Manager and Architect, Royal LePage
WatServ has been our hosting partner for over 4 years. Since day one, we've experienced strong support from their team, regarding both day-to-day matters as well as with strategic ones. For instance, during the last holiday season, WatServ was right there with us to support our requirements. They understood the critical nature of the peak season and helped us gear up for forecasted customer demand. Moreover, they implemented a tailored, proactive monitoring plan that included daily check-in meetings and performance reports. Our teams benefited from having a direct channel of communication plus an escalated response time to resolve concerns before they became issues. Ultimately, WatServ's service meant we could focus on our business and customers, knowing our technology was running seamlessly in the background.
Sean MacLeod
Director of Technology, Saje Natural Wellness
At Dr. C.J. Coady Associates, we've been relying on WatServ since 2013 to provide hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP for our business. We continue to choose WatServ year after year because their team is highly responsive and we enjoy knowing that they'll resolve any concerns swiftly and effectively. We recently upgraded our Dynamics GP services and WatServ provided a seamless experience, ensuring every detail was managed with precision.
Etienne Verhelst
Finance Manager, Dr. C.J. Coady Associates
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