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Disaster Recovery
as a Service (DRaaS)

Know your business is protected thanks to our managed disaster recovery solution.

Benefit from a disaster recovery solution that is fully-managed, secure and cost-effective.

What would happen to your critical business applications and data in the event of a disaster or major outage? Our DRaaS solution is designed to eliminate both your worries and your need to manage complex, on-premise recovery infrastructure. Rely on WatServ’s team to create a DR environment from any source – including on-premise servers and other public clouds. That means you can free up your IT team’s time and enjoy a fully-managed solution hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Our Solution

Get peace of mind with DRaaS on Azure.

When you choose WatServ, our process begins by replicating your on-premise servers and/or public clouds. Our team then creates a disaster recovery environment within a customized Azure cloud environment. Once complete, you’ll have ongoing protection from disasters and outages.

Want ongoing support? We can manage all facets of your disaster recovery infrastructure in Azure – including compute, networking, storage, and data assets – to ensure ongoing compliance and business stability. In the event of an outage or disaster, our team will coordinate the process to bring your systems back online with speed and ease, leveraging Azure’s site recovery technology along the way.

Why WatServ?

Benefit from Managed Services

Eliminate the need to manage complex processes in-house by relying on our experts to provide end-to-end service.

Get Ultimate Scalability

Scale up or down dynamically to secure on-demand resource provisioning.

Never Pay More than What You Need

Enjoy a flexible pay-as-you-need model for storage of data and application replicas by shutting down resources when they are not in use.

Ensure Business Continuity and Compliance

House your critical infrastructure and data in a secure environment, knowing it can be recovered quickly in the event of an outage or disaster.

Avoid In-House Infrastructure Costs

Save on capital costs by eliminating the need to build and maintain a secondary disaster recovery site on-premise.

Our Process

1. Assess Your Situation

We begin by defining business continuity needs and identifying an RPO and RTO.

3. Run a Drill

Run a disaster recovery drill to test and ensure optimal stability.

5. Respond and Recover

Respond and recover in the event of an outage or disaster.

2. Plan and Replicate

Develop the right plan and replicate your data and workloads, whether they’re on-premise or in any cloud.

4. Monitor and Maintain

Conduct ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Want this information as a PDF? You can download our DRaaS Services Brief now.

Know You're Protected with Our Fully-Managed Disaster Recovery Solution.

Eliminate your need to manage complex, on-premise recovery infrastructure and free up your internal IT resources. That’s what WatServ’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) on Azure offers.

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