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Cloud Consulting

Structured consulting engagement to help you get to the cloud with clarity,
wherever you are in the cloud journey.

The cloud is expanding possibilities for rapid innovation and digital transformation. By leveraging the cloud, companies can effectively
modernize their technology assets, manage risks, accelerate go-to-market strategies and ensure compliance.


Develop a cloud strategy that's customized to your business needs.

During CloudDiscover, our team will work with you to assess current infrastructure, applications and data, and to quantify the benefits of moving to the cloud. We will also determine which cloud deployment and service model will help you achieve your goals most effectively. Using this information, we will develop a strategy and roadmap for cloud adoption.

CloudDiscover includes cloud consulting and engineering with WatServ


Create a cloud plan that's designed for reliability, performance and security.

During CloudPlan, our team will help you determine the most effective and optimal way to transition to the cloud, based on your cloud strategy. The plan will take into account load, storage, capacity, data and application availability. It will also specify workload classifications, dependencies, foundational architecture and the overall technical design.

CloudPlan includes cloud consulting and engineering with WatServ

Plan & Build:

Bring your cloud environment to life, starting with a strong foundation.

During CloudFoundation, our specialized cloud architects will design and build your cloud environment. Whether hybrid or multi-cloud, it will be designed to meet your needs, taking advantage of engineering and operational best practices. You will benefit from a production-ready cloud environment that is built for optimal performance, resiliency and security.

CloudFoundation includes cloud consulting and engineering with WatServ


Migrate your assets to the cloud efficiently, securely and without friction.

During CloudMigrate, our team will work with you to execute your migration. Regardless of your migration type, our goal is to ensure it occurs on time and with little friction. Once migrated, you will benefit from the ability to scale your capabilities and modernize your products and services, using the power of the cloud.

CloudMigrate includes cloud consulting and engineering with WatServ

Protect: CloudSecure

Enhance your cybersecurity posture to detect threats, mitigate business impact and prevent future attacks.

Trust your IT infrastructure and digital assets to our highly-skilled team of cybersecurity professionals to monitor, analyze and mitigate security events and handle real-time incident identification, escalation and response. Immediately improve your cybersecurity posture with our industry grade SOCaaS (Security Operations Centre-as-a-Service) solution so that you can focus on growing your business.

CloudFoundation includes cloud consulting and engineering with WatServ

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