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COVID-19 Update:
March 17, 2020

As we all continue to monitor the ongoing events of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Canada, WatServ has taken additional precautions, based on recommendations by the Government of Canada, to ensure the safety of our employees and clients: 

  • We’ve cancelled all non-essential travel.  
  • Anyone on our team who has recently traveled internationally will be self isolating. 
  • Our team is now working remotely from their home offices and our Toronto office has been temporarily closed.

WatServ has always had a geographically distributed workforce, remote work capabilities and an agile workplace culture, so you can continue to expect the highest levels of service from our team. Furthermore, WatServ has a strong degree of experience and cloud infrastructure is resilient, so your services continue to be stable and available – wherever you are in the world.  

In the days ahead, as we continue to limit in-person interactions, we’ll ensure effective operations by: 

  • Fostering open and honest communication: Now, more than ever, is a time to over-communicate rather than under-communicate and to openly share feedback, ideas, concerns and updates. 
  • Practicing “video on”: We will encourage the use of video conferencing for key meetings with our clients, where possible.  
  • Treating business not as usual: We understand that no business will be spared some degree of impact from this situation and we encourage you to reach out and share your business concerns with us openly and transparently. We will do our part to support your business through this difficult time.

Finally, many companies are currently implementing business continuity measures. If you require resources or information regarding technology preparedness, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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