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COVID-19 Update:
March 31, 2020

We know you’re getting a lot of emails right now related to COVID-19, so we’ll keep this brief.

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged all of us to think and work differently on a personal, professional and community level. For many businesses, the main focus continues to be finding ways to keep the lights on and support employees and customers during this difficult time. Technology and operations leaders face the additional challenges of enabling virtual work in a stressful time, while also
managing critical infrastructure, network, security and privacy risks. 

During this period of change, we wanted to reach out to tell you that we’re here for you. We understand the enormous challenges you’re up against. And, thanks to our virtual workforce, we’re here to help – regardless of your situation. If we don’t have the solution readily available in our toolkit, we have a strong network of partners and industry resources that we can reach out to. 

Some critical questions WatServ can help your company solve:

  1. “How can we leverage Microsoft Teams (and its new enhanced features) to collaborate and
    communicate remotely, and to address the isolation our team is feeling?”
  2. “How can we remove vulnerabilities from on-site infrastructure (such as availability of on-site
    staff, support, performance and speed of connectivity)?”
  3. “How can we improve performance, reliability and speed of our virtual work environment?”
  4. “What best practices can be deployed to enhance cybersecurity and privacy during this time?”
  5. “What is the best way to quickly deploy a disaster recovery plan?

If your company needs help with any of these issues, we’re here for you. Get in touch today.

WatServ is always on.

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