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COVID-19 Update:
March 4, 2020

As with all businesses, we are monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19. The virus has not spread extensively to areas where WatServ has offices and the overall risk of COVID-19 to WatServ employees currently remains low. As we monitor any changes to the nature of the outbreak, WatServ is putting in place proactive measures to ensure we: a) keep WatServ employees safe and b) continue to serve our customers effectively with the highest standards. The following is an update on our current preparation and continuity measures.

Current Measures Taken by WatServ

  • Minimal travel: WatServ staff has minimized all non-essential travel and is monitoring business related travel based on the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Keeping staff informed: Updates, communications and resources regarding self-protection and travel preparedness are being distributed to WatServ staff on an on-going basis
  • Proactive planning: A business continuity plan based on level of criticality has been put into place

In case of further spread and greater impact, we stand at the ready to enact our business continuity plans which include:

  • Remote work: The ability for employees to work remotely for sustained periods of time  
  • Critical data: Access in place to all critical systems, data and documents remotely
  • Contingency resourcing: Ensuring our teams are cross-trained and having back-up resources to support specialized technology areas

If higher risk scenarios present themselves in the future, we will implement the next phase of response and preparedness including mandatory work-from-home policies; limitation of on-site visitors; and potential relocation of essential personnel outside potential impacted area(s).

We will continue to update you if further continuity measures are required and encourage you to reach out directly for concerns or questions. As always, thank you for your partnership. 

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