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Worried About Ransomware?

In our growing cyber threatscape, where ransomware-as-a-service continues to evolve, and security experts predict a seven-fold increase in ransomware incidents, there are good reasons to worry.

There are better reasons to take that worry and use it to establish three well defined plans for dealing with ransomware attacks:

  • A plan of action for mitigation of damage from an attack
  • A disaster recovery plan
  • A business continuity plan

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with having a chief security officer with the resources to create these plans, while at the same time monitoring, patching, providing and installing security software.

Download The Challenge of Ransomware - Protecting Your Company

Don't Wait for a Crisis

If the prospect is attractive but the price prohibitive, consider a managed security provider (MSP). A virtual chief security officer, the MSP has the specialized tools and top IT security talent that small businesses just can’t afford. And because MSPs work for multiple customers, they have an ear to the ground when it comes to detecting threat trends and are better able to help their customers prepare.

Small and medium sized businesses are the new targets in the new normal, so don’t wait for a crisis.

Look for an MSP Provider that Offers

Cloud platform management and administration

Security operations management

Continuous optimization and improvement

Incident management

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