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Cloud Migration Services:


Migrate your assets to the cloud efficiently, securely and without friction.

What's Involved?

We will work with you to execute your entire cloud migration;

We will ensure your migration occurs on time and with little friction; and

We will improve your ability to scale capabilities and modernize products and services, using the power of the cloud.

Types of Migrations

Lift & Shift

Involves changing the application’s infrastructure and redeploying it in a different hardware environment.


Involves changing part of the application stack without changing the core architecture of the application itself.


Involves rebuilding the application from the ground up, leveraging cloud platform capabilities and features.

Our Process

1. Assign resources.

This usually involves assigning a project manager, solutions architect and one or more migration engineers.

2. Review and validate.

Together, we will review the details of your migration and ensure readiness of your design and plan.

3. Build the cloud foundation.

Next, our team will build your cloud foundation, if it hasn’t been done already.

4. Execute the migration.

Based on application migration paths and workload groups, our team will then execute your migration.

Why WatServ?

Remove Complexity

Working together, WatServ’s skilled team will help execute your plan – eliminating cloud complexity and answering questions along the way.

Follow Best Practices

Our team follows best practices, based on your business needs, to direct cloud migrations.

Execute with Precision

Leverage our unique experience and strong track record to execute your cloud plan and design effectively and on time.

Achieve a Modern Approach

Scale your capabilities efficiently and transform your products and services by getting to the cloud today.

Download the CloudMigrate Solution Brief

See how WatServ can help digitally transform your organization by downloading the solution brief today.

Get Started with WatServ

Contact us today to see how we can put the cloud to work for you.

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