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Cloud Journey Services:


Develop a cloud strategy that is customized to your business needs.

What's Involved?

We will work with you to assess current infrastructure, applications and data, and to quantify the benefits of moving to the cloud;

We will determine which cloud deployment and service model will help you achieve your goals most effectively; and

We will also develop a strategy and roadmap for cloud adoption.

Our Process

1. Assess for cloud readiness.

Develop a high-level assessment of your infrastructure, applications and data to confirm readiness for the cloud.

2. Undertake an analysis of assets.

Conduct a deep dive to analyze your infrastructure, applications and data.

3. Develop a roadmap.

Map your services to an ideal cloud platform with a roadmap and financial analysis.

4. Prepare a deployment strategy.

Develop a completely tailored strategy that includes the recommended solution and cloud platform.

Why WatServ?

Get Clear Answers

Get answers to questions like: How can I achieve more speed, agility and performance? What is the total cost of ownership? How does private versus public cloud affect my strategy?

Get a Robust Strategy

Receive a detailed, action-oriented strategy that facilitates your digital transformation with precision.

Choose an Expert

With a decade and a half of experience, WatServ has worked with clients of all sizes, across multiple industries. We know the cloud.

Quantify Cloud Benefits

Determine the cost, speed and time-to-market reductions gained by leveraging the cloud.

Download the CloudDiscover Solution Brief

See how WatServ can help digitally transform your organization by downloading the solution brief today.

Get Started with WatServ

Contact us today to see how we can put the cloud to work for you.

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