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Cloud Journey Services:


Bring your cloud environment to life, starting with a strong foundation.

What's Involved?

We will design and build your complete cloud environment;

We will ensure that, whether hybrid or multi-cloud, your cloud environment meets your needs and takes advantage of engineering and operational best practices; and

We will also deliver a production-ready cloud environment that’s built for optimal performance, resiliency and security.

Our Objective

1. Secure and Protected

Provide secure, hybrid connectivity to your on-premise environment, protected from cyber threats.

2. Strong Governance

Achieve a governance structure that enables consistent provisioning management across all cloud services.

3. Scalable

Enable scalability with financial spend control and frictionless internal controls.

4. Supported

Provide tools and knowledge to help your team maintain your cloud going forward.

Why WatServ?

Move Faster

Thanks to our rapid cloud adoption methodology, your business will get to the cloud quickly, while always following best practices.

Get Better Insight

Rely on our team to assess your workloads to ensure they meet minimum governance requirements.

Optimize for Success

Not only will we design your cloud, we will ensure your design is fully optimized to maximize ROI.

Free Up Your IT Team’s Time

Let our team of cloud architects handle your cloud build, so your IT resources can focus on delivering core business needs.

Get Support

With nearly 15 years in the business, we are comfortable working with both traditional and agile teams – regardless of your approach.

Empower Your Developers

We believe your developers should be able to reach their goals without roadblocks, and we’ll help make that a reality.

Download the CloudFoundation Solution Brief

See how WatServ can help digitally transform your organization by downloading the solution brief today.

Get Started with WatServ

Contact us today to see how we can put the cloud to work for you.

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