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Cloud Journey Services:


Create a cloud plan that is designed for reliability, performance and security.

What's Involved?

We will develop a plan to get you there, taking into account load, storage, capacity, data and application availability and specifying workload classifications, dependencies, foundational architecture and the overall technical design.

We will determine the most effective and optimal way to transition to the cloud, based on your cloud strategy.

Our Process

Cloud Plan

1. Plan your cloud foundation.

Develop a plan that’s focused on achieving optimal infrastructure, architecture, platform security and more.

2. Create a technical design.

Evaluate your application and infrastructure components and arrive at a targeted technical design and approach.

3. Develop a project and execution plan.

Scope out a plan to ensure deployment, execution and migration activities meet requirements and timelines.

4. Document your solution design.

Produce a detailed document capturing the design decisions and technical architecture.

Why WatServ?

Prevent Costly Pitfalls

Mitigate the risk of wasting time and resources on projects that won’t be a good fit.

Alleviate Your Team's Workloads

Rely on WatServ’s expertise and years of experience with the cloud, so your IT personnel can focus on their core responsibilities.

Eliminate the Need to Hire

Certified cloud architects are in high demand, making them hard to recruit and hire. Rely on WatServ’s instead.

Maximize Capacity

Ensure you maximize and take advantage of your solution’s capacity.

Get Out of Your Data Center

Aging hardware? Want better scalability or security options? Escape your traditional data center and expand your opportunities.

Avoid Losing Support

If a digital transformation project experiences setbacks, stakeholders are quick to withdraw support. Avoid this situation altogether by developing a robust plan.

Download the CloudPlan Solution Brief

See how WatServ can help digitally transform your organization by downloading the solution brief today.

Get Started with WatServ

Contact us today to see how we can put the cloud to work for you.

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