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Cloud Management Services Can Reduce Both Headaches And Budget

By Aleks Hara, Director, Cloud Service Sales

August 3, 2021

I am often asked to describe cloud management services because some business leaders believe that once you move all data and services into the cloud, it just looks after itself. It’s true that a cloud can give you more flexibility and fewer internal IT headaches, but there is some management required to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Cloud management services really refer to the partnership with an expert partner – such as Watserv – to manage all your daily IT management for cloud-based services. It would include the technical support you need to ensure that your business can operate smoothly and always has the power and storage required for normal operations.

On many occasions, an internal IT department is not experienced at managing cloud based solutions so it makes sense to build cloud management services into your broader solution. Your partner can manage cloud security, computing, storage, network operations, application stacks, other vendors and anything else that is required to ensure that your environment functions well. It’s possible to arrange monitoring, testing, reporting, and backup services so your cloud is safe and is constantly being monitored.

Most providers offer a pay as you go business model, which means that you only ever pay for computing storage and power as you need it. Many will create service bundles that come at a fixed price allowing you to ensure that you always know how much to budget for cloud management services.

Cloud Management Services

Any company moving to use the cloud can manage it internally, but there are a number of key benefits to working with expert partners in cloud management services – including:

  • Cost reduction: by working with a partner that is implementing cloud services at scale you can benefit from their ability to reduce the cost of implementing only the cloud that you require – plus you don’t need to worry about the up-front capital expenditure involved in going it alone.
  • Predictable management costs: agreeing with your partner on the required service levels can ensure that you know what the costs will be each month, providing the ability to budget into the future more effectively.
  • Future-proofing: your partner should always have one eye on the future and should not only advise you on how your cloud might be improved, but should also be able to transition to any new versions or releases that will prove useful to your implementations.
  • Disaster recovery: working with a partner can ensure a more robust disaster recovery plan, both from the perspective of delivering much more reliable backups as well as offering more physical security and balancing risk across more than a single location.

These are just a few of the advantages to partnership in cloud management services, but this article is just a summary of the key points. Do leave a comment or click on our website for more information.

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