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Cloud Security Companies Help Prevent Data Disasters

By Gary Lo, VP, Product Management

July 28, 2021

In 2020, just five data breaches released over 27 billion records. It’s news like this that has every security and network manager scanning online for the best cloud security companies. The technology media now talks in terms of mega-breaches, which officially means more than one million records of data released into the wild.

Let’s be clear, one million isn’t a a lot of data these days. When Yahoo! made their data breach public (they didn’t mention it for four years) in 2017 that involved the personal data of over 3 billion users.

Sometimes there is not a one-to-one relationship between the number of data records breached and the number of users affected, but that’s cold comfort for any security manager that learns they are in the process of leaking data through poor configuration or weak security. But how can you scan the various cloud security companies that are out there and decide on the one that is right for you?

Cloud Security Companies

These are the key steps you need to consider:

  1. Map the perimeter: there are many different solutions and they all have different positives and negatives, but you can’t get started until you map the perimeter of your organization. Do you have thousands of team members all working from home all over the world or relatively few users and locations accessing the data on your network?
  2. Model simplicity: try to simplify your data flows and your cloud management system so you can reduce the number of unknown pathways and actions that might take place – then create a simple map describing how data flows across your cloud.
  3. Protect the edge: all the major cloud security companies can protect you from the main cloud vulnerabilities, but once you start exploring the perimeter of your network – as mapped in point one – how does it match the capabilities of the various suppliers to protect at the edge?
  4. Know the cost of failure: this could even be number one and two alone. As you are putting together a budget for cloud security and reviewing the various cloud security companies, and what they offer, you will find that your business team pushes back and says ‘hey, that’s expensive!’ Have the information available that allows you to indicate what the potential cost of failure might be – in some cases we are talking about an existential risk to a business.

There are so many cloud security companies offering a wide range of services from highly automated to completely bespoke, it can sometimes be difficult to even narrow down your options. However, by taking these initial steps you are much more likely to at least arrive at a shortlist of companies that can equally assist you to stay safe and not feature in the latest news about a mega-breach.

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