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Disaster Recovery As A Service: Your Safety Net In The Cloud

By Gary Lo, VP, Product Management

July 21, 2021

What is Disaster Recovery As A Service? 

As the name suggests, we are talking about the ability to work with a partner that can offer disaster recovery as a service – in much the same way that it is now considered entirely normal to buy software as a service or security as a service.

The ‘as a service’ tag is used to present various services that can be offered and paid for only as consumed because they are provided by cloud computing. Disaster recovery as a service is no different – disaster recovery and business continuity planning are complex topics that many companies have struggled to manage effectively and efficiently in the past.

The Covid pandemic was perhaps the best example of how most companies had only ever prepared for the the disasters they expected might be likely – power outages, public transport strikes, floods and earthquakes. It’s only natural to prepare for the most likely business continuity problems, but Covid really showed that there are some important cases where tools like disaster recovery as a service could be a lifeline.

A classic Disaster Recovery As A Service architecture involves the organization using a cloud for IT infrastructure, applications, and data. The cloud provider or management partner ensures that all data is copied and backed up and there is a mirror system in place that allows the organization to retrieve individual files – or even a complete system – in the case of a catastrophic loss of access to the main network.

WatServ Disaster Recovery As A Service

There are many important advantages to implementing a Disaster Recovery As A Service plan. First is the ability to leave the backup and disaster recovery planning in the hands of cloud experts. This can be a particularly useful and efficient way to manage business continuity planning if your internal IT team is fairly lean and is already struggling just to manage day-to-day situations, let alone ‘what if’ scenarios.

Second is that the use of a Disaster Recovery As A Service plan can be extremely financially efficient. In some cases there is a low management fee and in some cases there is only a charge if you ever need to use the disaster recovery service – either way this model offers a lot of protection for an organization without a large financial commitment.

Many companies have explored services in the cloud specifically because they want greater resistance after the pandemic. By adding Disaster Recovery As A Service you can gain all the extra resilience and efficiency of the cloud along with a superior way to ensure that your business can keep going whatever disaster is thrown at you.

Learn more about Watserv’s Disaster Recovery As A Service. Get in touch to speak to an expert. 


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