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Holiday Season Signals Make-or-Break Opportunity for Businesses

By WatServ
January 28, 2020

We have made it through the first part of a very busy shopping season including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now we are in the middle of holiday shopping, which is often the best time of year for many businesses. This can be a make-or-break time for retailers, depending on whether distributors can get their goods delivered; and, even farther up the supply chain, whether manufacturers can supply the demand. Everyone in the supply chain has an opportunity to win or lose during the last few months each year and those that win are the ones with rock-solid business management systems in place.

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers need strong inventory management systems working at peak efficiency during the busy holiday shopping season. This isn’t the time to lose sight of raw materials during production or lose track of inventory on the shelves in retail stores or for online shoppers. Stock-outs make for particularly unhappy customers and at the worst possible time. The ripple effect from unsatisfied customers could be felt for months, if not years if a supply chain weakness snaps under the pressure of this busy time of year.


Strengthen Inventory Control, Satisfy Customers With Hosted ERP and CRM


Strong inventory management systems are not made from disparate specialty software or elaborate spreadsheets and internal processes. An integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provides the comprehensive management system businesses need for a seamless, frictionless supply chain and inventory control. ERP is centralized, meaning core business information is easily entered, accessed and analyzed from a single solution, instead of stuck in data silos scattered across the enterprise.

When combined with a robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution, businesses add valuable customer-centric data into the equation. Both ERP and CRM offer powerful business intelligence features, such as dashboards that deliver key performance indicators and other metrics. You may discover trending products, customer behaviours or other factors that influence shoppers. With ERP supporting strong inventory management and CRM highlighting customer demands and trends, businesses can ensure shelves are stocked with the right items, in the right quantities at the right time.

WatServ, Dynamics hosting experts, is offering a special Cyber Monday Deal that ends on Dec 31, 2016. Deploy a hosted Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution and the cost for the first user is only $1. Be confident you have a strong ERP solution in place, backed by expert support and 99.99% guaranteed uptime for infrastructure and application reliability and performance. Contact WatServ for more information about this limited offer and ways to make your business stronger during the holiday season and for years to come.

WatServ demonstrates best-in-class capability and market leadership through proven technology and customer commitment.​


WatServ is an IT solutions provider that helps clients digitally transform their business through cloud technologies and  services. Founded in 2006, WatServ specializes in providing hybrid and multi-cloud solutions and hosting complex, high-availability environments for enterprise-level applications. WatServ’s unique approach to planning, migrating and managing multi-cloud environments, plus premium 24x7x365 support, enables its global customers to focus on their core business. Relying on Microsoft and Google’s public clouds, in addition to its own private cloud, the company offers an ideal managed cloud environment engineered for security, reliability and performance. With offices in Canada and the United States, and with more than 10,000 users connecting from 30+ countries, WatServ is always on. For more information, please visit

WatServ is an affiliate of Brookfield Business Partners (BBU), a public company with majority ownership by Brookfield Asset Management Inc. and listed on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchange. More information about BBU is available at

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