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Migrating Your SQL To Azure Doesn’t Need To be Scary

By Gary Lo, VP, Product Management

October 20, 2021

Halloween is almost with us again. It’s that time of year when we confront our deepest fears and concerns. For many businesses, one such fear is building a cloud migration strategy that actually works!

Have an urgent need of migrating from SQL Server to the cloud? It can certainly appear complex and scary at first, once you have experienced the process a few times it becomes clear that migration doesn’t need to keep you up at night.

There are plenty of guides and tips online, but the key is experience and insight. That’s what the team at WatServ has, and the best way to demonstrate this is to describe a real example of a successful cloud migration strategy.

Sagen, previously known as Genworth Canada, is Canada’s largest private mortgage insurance provider. After an acquisition, Sagen had less than a year to completely split their assets from Genworth (US) – they needed to quickly create an entirely new, streamlined, IT infrastructure.

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As Sagen planned how they needed their new operational systems to look, it  became clear that any future strategy also needed to include an updated approach to security.

Sagen realized that stretched IT and security resources could result in the following situations:

  • Existing IT security is overburdened and not able to monitor continuously incoming threats.
  • Inexperienced employees are faced with advanced security requirements,
  • The business relies on technology solutions without the skill to properly manage them.
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Sagen built a fully independent IT function, but partnered with WatServ to ensure they always had strong advice on core security and infrastructure. This partnership is ongoing and for many clients this is only possible because WatServ has lowered the cost of entry to managed security services while still driving value to meet the essential security requirements.

A competitive price point, combined with WatServ’s ability to be agile and provide end-to-end service, sets them apart from competitors.

WatServ provides the advanced capabilities to serve a large customer like Sagen, but can also provide those same abilities to small organizations who can’t necessarily hire the talent or have the technology available on their operating budgets.

This is where a partner like WatServ can make all the difference to a cloud migration strategy. You are not just migrating from a SQL Server inside your office to Microsoft Azure – you are building a new streamlined IT infrastructure and completely reviewing your information security procedures at the same time. A partner that has been through this process and is ready to share their insight and experience is extremely valuable on this journey.

With over 15 years of cloud management expertise and an exceptional methodology, WatServ had both the experience and tools to meet Sagen’s critical timelines. This level of experience reduces the fear factor when planning a cloud migration strategy from tools such as SQL to Azure.

Don’t let those Halloween nerves prevent you from designing a secure future for your business.

Rely on WatServ to migrate your Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure. To get you  started, contact us today to take advantage of a free, no-obligation assessment.


WatServ is an IT solutions provider that helps clients digitally transform their business through cloud technologies and services. Founded in 2006, WatServ specializes in providing hybrid and multi-cloud solutions and hosting complex, high-availability environments for enterprise-level applications. WatServ’s unique approach to planning, migrating and managing multi-cloud environments, plus premium 24x7x365 support, enables its global customers to focus on their core business. Relying on Microsoft and Google’s public clouds, in addition to its own private cloud, the company offers an ideal managed cloud environment engineered for security, reliability and performance. With offices in Canada and the United States, and with 1000’s of users connecting from around the world, WatServ is always on. For more information, please visit

WatServ is an affiliate of Brookfield Business Partners (BBU), a public company with majority ownership by Brookfield Asset Management Inc. and listed on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchange. More information about BBU is available at

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