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The Value of Working With A Proactive Cloud Security Company

Numrah Irfan, VP, Client Success

November 24, 2021

Last month I wrote an article about the value of working with an IT partner for cloud management. The article focused on four of the most important areas where a partner can add value: security, optimization, cost reduction, and support. In this post, I am going to expand this theme a little further with a focus on Cloud Security partners – because the right cloud security services and partners can actually add business value that isn’t immediately obvious.

Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise – both through the actions of criminals and because of poor security. Being proactive is essential for your own cloud security. So, how serious is the threat and why should you consider a proactive approach?

The IDC State of Cloud Security 2021 survey, found that 98% of organizations suffered some sort of cloud data breach in the past 18 months, compared to 79% in an earlier survey. Banks and financial institutions did marginally better, but they were not immune, with 92% reporting having suffered a cloud-based breach in the last 18 months, while 69% reported having experienced three or more.

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We all tend to pause and think about what that means for your own business. The realization is that almost every single company has suffered some form of data breach recently, and even highly regulated industries – like banking – are facing an increase in data breaches.

Furthermore, because any company in any industry faces the same challenges – (just look at those statistics!), that means that almost every company is under attack almost constantly. The need for vigilance is higher than ever when IDC is saying that 98% of all the organizations they surveyed suffered some form of data breach.

But a breach – or at least a serious breach – is not inevitable. This is where we can apply some specific actions:

  1. Mitigate the risk of a breach. may appear daunting, but there is a big difference between a breach that offers very limited access to important information and a breach that offers the crown jewels – all your customer or product data. We help you develop the most comprehensive cloud security strategy no matter the nature of the data.
  2. Create a response plan. How do you quickly secure your network if a breach occurs and what’s your plan of attack to ensure any unauthorized access is prevented?
  3. Revise constantly. Don’t set your security up, write a response plan, and then file it away in the bottom drawer. This is a live strategy that requires constant vigilance. A sustained process to manage is just as critical as the initial set-up.

Just as I wrote before, there are many advantages to working with a partner on your cloud management, but this is just as applicable to cloud security. Even better, work with a proactive cloud security company. You want their expertise and ideas. They should know what you don’t know, so trust a partner that asks questions and is proactive, rather than a security company that only ever responds after a breach has taken place.

Your partner should have the expertise you need to manage all these three points. To reduce the risk of a breach becoming serious, to shut down a breach or attack when it happens, and the insight to proactively anticipate future issues so the plan can change and flex as needed.

It should also be noted that the right partner brings immediate ROI back to the business due to not having to provide in house staff.

Your IT partner can – and should – be a strategic resource helping your business manage the day-to-day challenges of a hi-tech environment, but also proactively guiding and improving your business. A proactive cloud security company can be the difference between security and an expensive disaster

To learn more about how WatServ can help safeguard your IT infrastructure and digital assets with CloudSecure, contact us to speak to an expert.


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