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Top Five Cloud Computing Predictions 2013

By WatServ
January 17, 2013
There has been a lot of talk regarding predictions of what cloud computing will bring in 2013. After reading through many predictions from multiple sources, we’ve gathered the ones that we believe are the most likely to happen. We also provided our insights on how to stay ahead of the game for each prediction. 1. We’ll start taking the Cloud Seriously when it comes to backup & DR – from CloudTimes Xath Cruz predicts organizations will prefer a cloud pay-per- use model instead of purchasing resources as disasters happens, due to greater cost efficiency and speed. The cloud will become the focus of business operations but won’t replace BCDR resources completely. We believe that cloud storage will provide the safety needed to avoid information loss if your operations somehow fail. As your information is safely in the cloud, you wouldn’t need to worry about hardware failure. Also, pay-per-use models provide the flexibility and speed needed for companies to reduce costs. We recommend that if you’re not already using a cloud based ERP system; you should at least make the investment to securely back-up information. 2. Enterprise realize that cloud computing means, well, cloud computing – from Bernard Golden predicts that we will see a lot more news articles in 2013 about organizational change and how to successfully implement private cloud computing. Golden believes organizations must thoroughly plan on integrating cloud computing from end-to-end before actual implementing. Thorough planning is the key for properly switching to a cloud computing system. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see many articles teaching IT users about successful cloud computing implementation. We recommend that you take into consideration every part of your business when planning cloud system integration. Experience has taught us that getting effective alignment of roles and responsibilities is the key. You can read Golden’s full article here. 3. Cloud wins confidence – from Alan Priestley predicts that in 2013, companies will continue to adopt cloud computing even after a declining IT marketing in 2012. He also predicts that usage models will expand and broadening the type of cloud applications used. We strongly believe in the expanding use of cloud applications and the growth of cloud computing. Companies will begin to take the time to try to understand the applications of cloud, and eventually take a step forward in adopting it. You can read Priestley’s full article here. 4. More hosted private clouds – from Joe McKendrick predicts that there will be an increase in hosted private clouds managed by someone else, off premise. It quotes, from IDC’s Chris Morris, For critical applications, only secure, non-shared private cloud will pass all compliance requirements Hosted cloud services provide the type of resources needed for maximum security for your most important applications. Hosted cloud services specialize in information security and are compliant with many certifications. The benefits of hiring a hosted cloud service are substantial as they provide many resources than one may not be able to invest in such as security. At WatServ, we have many security certifications such as SSAE16, HIPPAA, and PCI. You can read McKendrick’s full article here. 5. Hybrid IT – from SoftCom predicts companies will continue to shift from on-premise IT to cloud computing in order to stay up to date with the latest software. Cloud will be expensed as a cost of business operation instead of expenditure needed for software and hardware. With the speed of technology advancements today, major software updates coming out more frequently. Already with a huge investment in software, are you still willing to spend another fortune to upgrade to the newest software, hardware, integration, and training? Cloud computing allows companies to upgrade their software more easily compared to on-premise IT. You can read SoftCom’s full article here. We’re sure to get back to you to see how these predictions do throughout the year. We hope our recommendations will provide insight into the benefits of cloud computing.

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