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Dynamics NAV Users, Growing Confidence in ERP Cloud

By WatServ
June 16, 2016
According to a study in March 2016, Microsoft Dynamics NAV users are becoming more comfortable in the cloud.  This comfort is translating into growth in the adoption of cloud-based ERP/Accounting services.  Tyler Doerner, Vice President of Sales for Dynamics hosting provider WatServ, described Dynamics NAV as “unique among Microsoft cloud offerings”.

“NAV was one of the first Dynamics products to actually have a true viable web-client-type deployment,” he said.

ERP/Accounting tied for fourth place along with HR/HCM and Custom Applications as among the most popular uses for cloud services, a position that Doerner said was not a surprise considering the typical cloud adoption trend he sees with all Dynamics ERP products. “HR, payroll, e-mail, the calendar that kind of functionality, [are] generally … the first to go up into the cloud,” said Doerner. “And it is because of what their role is in the criticality of success for business. If somebody can’t send an e-mail for a couple of minutes, while it’s a pain, it is not critical to the day-to-day functionality of the organization.” However, if ERP is unavailable, “All of sudden you can’t take orders, you can’t ship, you can’t invoice,” Doerner said. View the full article by Valerie Miller here. In the “Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the Cloud in 2016: Customer Successes, Challenges, and Future Plans” webcast, Tyler covers this topic and many emerging trends including:
  • Customers’ future investment plans for cloud-related technology
  • Candid feedback on service and support experiences
  • Top usage scenarios of NAV customers
  • Customer findings based on cloud investments thus far
  • Partners’ views on the growth and direction of cloud opportunities for their clients
WatServ has been providing hosting and managed services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners and customers since 2006.  Offering a wide variety of deployment options and exceptional support, WatServ manages Dynamics deployments of all sizes and complexities. Learn more about NAV hosting here.

WatServ demonstrates best-in-class capability and market leadership through proven technology and customer commitment.​


WatServ is an IT solutions provider that helps clients digitally transform their business through cloud technologies and  services. Founded in 2006, WatServ specializes in providing hybrid and multi-cloud solutions and hosting complex, high-availability environments for enterprise-level applications. WatServ’s unique approach to planning, migrating and managing multi-cloud environments, plus premium 24x7x365 support, enables its global customers to focus on their core business. Relying on Microsoft and Google’s public clouds, in addition to its own private cloud, the company offers an ideal managed cloud environment engineered for security, reliability and performance. With offices in Canada and the United States, and with more than 10,000 users connecting from 30+ countries, WatServ is always on. For more information, please visit

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