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WatServ Announces Cloud Computing Contract With Jiffy International

By WatServ
March 11, 2013
Jiffy International chooses WatServ Cloud Computing solution for better reliability, higher performance and more flexibility. Waterloo Managed Software Services USA Inc (WatServ) announced today that it has completed a multiple-year agreement with Jiffy International to provide a comprehensive Cloud Computing solution for its critical business systems. WatServ will be transitioning Jiffy’s computer systems running on aging customer-owned infrastructure in Norway to WatServ’s high-performance Cloud Infrastructure and Services running in its Flint, Michigan data center. The solution includes computing services for several hundred users of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Exchange and SharePoint as well as providing computing services for hosted desktops and several legacy applications. Jiffy was using the services of a local hosting provider but the reliability and performance of their critical business applications was becoming a problem, said Tom Doerner, president of WatServ. WatServ’s per-user-per-month pricing model also made it possible for Jiffy to make the cost of IT variable. WatServ’s solution allows Jiffy to avoid spending cash on replacing obsolete infrastructure while improving the performance and reliability of our critical business systems, reported Dagfinn Andersen, Executive Vice President of Jiffy. WatServ’s experience, support and technologies were factors in the decision to change from a local supplier. About Jiffy International Headquartered in Norway, Jiffy International is a leading supplier of plant propagation systems. Jiffy products simplify transplanting and ensuring the rapid growth of healthy plants for growers and gardeners worldwide. Jiffy has operations in Sweden, Estonia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, the UK, the United States and Canada. For more information, please visit email or call +47 62573806

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WatServ is an IT solutions provider that helps clients digitally transform their business through cloud technologies and  services. Founded in 2006, WatServ specializes in providing hybrid and multi-cloud solutions and hosting complex, high-availability environments for enterprise-level applications. WatServ’s unique approach to planning, migrating and managing multi-cloud environments, plus premium 24x7x365 support, enables its global customers to focus on their core business. Relying on Microsoft and Google’s public clouds, in addition to its own private cloud, the company offers an ideal managed cloud environment engineered for security, reliability and performance. With offices in Canada and the United States, and with more than 10,000 users connecting from 30+ countries, WatServ is always on. For more information, please visit

WatServ is an affiliate of Brookfield Business Partners (BBU), a public company with majority ownership by Brookfield Asset Management Inc. and listed on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchange. More information about BBU is available at

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